Welcome to Magical Nights: Hidden Factory!Ready to experience powerful music making you want to dance? An immersive RP experience accompanied by EDM music and dancers, who are desperate to make your night a truly Magical Night .

    Light - Twintania - Lavender Beds – Ward 4 - Plot 33

    "More and more Dwarven Mythril Ingots have disappeared over the years... I will offer spectacular prizes for those who bring them back to me! I promise... you wont regret this"~Xaru

    Look for Dwarven Mythril inside our venue and get rewarded with spectacular prizes for you and your friends! You can collect this currency in any kind of RP and events we offer. Here are some examples that will grant you chances to obtain the blue gold of Magical Nights!

    • Challenge the staff (look up the games on our staff site)

    • Bar games hosted by our talented barkeeps

    • From dancers during service

    • From current events

    • From purchasing the VIP service

    • As compensation for waiting an excessive amount of time in queue

    Just engage in events / with people or challenge our staff to a duel!
    You can always ask about the rules of the games before you start the challenge.


    - Only Ingots with X'aru's name on it can be redeemed.
    - Each Staff member can only be challenged once per event. However, you may ask for a rematch after some time has passed, if you lost during your previous match.
    - Prizes can be redeemed by talking to X'aru Noxium

    X'aru's Jacket!This jacket is handmade exclusively for the best of the best. Granted by X'aru himself this will be a great fit for everyone who wants to obtain a little bit of Magical Nights themselves.

    15 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Dwarven BraidWorn often to work... this stylish plait is the optimal hairstyle to give yourself a confidence boost and make you look great...It'll fit anything you might be wearing!

    9 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Casual AttireDon't know what to wear in general? This option will go with anything and will come as a complete set for every occasion.

    7 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Mini Dwarven StatueThis little robot is the best companion you could imagine! Always ready to work and always packed with enough energy to make your adventure way more easy!

    5 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Make it Rain!Need some bottles to pop? No problem! These high end spirits will turn every event into a wet t-shirt contest.

    2 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    "I Work Hard" T-ShirtThis unique uniform was tailored for the hard working people who have been producing the ingots, back when the factory was still in business. Get your own to pay respect!

    6 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Wings?"I found those wings lying around in different storage rooms across the venue... I'm not sure what they've been doing here... and why there are here...but they are... wanna have 'em?"~Xaru

    7 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Factory RobotThese robots were used to carry large amounts of ressources or to collect heavy tools to work with. Without them.. the work here would have been nearly impossible... some of them can be a bit rusty.... but they still function... REALLY!

    27 Dwarven Mythril Ingots

    Maid? MAID!You want to get Navu or Xaru dressed ... ONLY FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING ... as Maid !? Then... you should never buy this and think about something else...

    45 Dwarven Mythril Ingots


    X'aru Noxium

    Challenge: Triple Triad

    "Welcome to Magical Nights. My name is X'aru and my goal is to provide the best experience i can serve. Meet me in our Venue, lets have a talk about yourself...maybe we find topics we have in common or just drink some.... Vodka?"

    Xaru is an open minded person that always likes to hang around and meet new people. As he first stepped into the factory, his vision already was pretty clear... a party area for everyone who wants to meet new people and a place that's fun to be at. Sometimes it's maybe hard to find him but trust me if i tell you... he is there somewhere... maybe watching you... you'll never know

    Head Management

    Navu'a Naorij

    Challenge: Deathroll

    "I feel like there are only two types of ways you can meet Navu, either with a book or with a drink in his hand."
    This Miqo'te gained access to the variety of sharlayan education very early in his life, as he was born into an unusual, but by no means unsuccessful family consisting of his mother, a member of the Forum of Sharlayan, and his father, a gleaner, who always returned with interesting gifts, when he came back from one of his journeys.
    No wonder the studious Keeper took off, heads over heels and with his sister in tow, as he read about this abandoned factory, which possibly, no... hopefully still contained ancient dwarven mythril.
    What they found instead in this old, partially obstructed building was a nightclub in the making and its owner X'aru, who promptly greeted the two of them with copious drinks and tales as well as a job offer after spending a few days together.
    Navu, glad about being acknowledged, promptly accepted the offer and became the new head manager at "Magical Nights", where he could make use of his strategical and organizational talents.
    If you meet him during an event, don't be a stranger. There's a high possibility, he's going to share drinks and tales with you, just like X'aru did with him. If you're feeling extra lucky, the two of you might even challenge the luck of the dice. Who knows what treasures will await you?

    Head of House

    Kamiri Naorij

    Challenge: Riddles

    „I've never seen this magpie of a Miqo without some type of crystal in her hand or a strong drink by her side“
    Kamiri, who had been found abandoned as a child and rescued from freezing to death by a sharlayan gleaner is rarely found without something shiny or shimmery by her side.
    She has a habit of venturing through abandoned places and bringing little gifts to her sister, Navu. One day both of them stumbled upon this night club in the making and its owner X'aru after trying to find ancient dwarven mythril.
    After spending a few nights together with X'aru and sharing a lot of drinks and stories she got offered the job as Head of House. Feeling proud of being needed and having a feeling of belonging she gladly accepted his offer.
    If you find her during one of our events, provided that she's not fiddling around with crystals or rocks, she will greet new guests and take your bookings if you're longing for the company of one of Magical Nights' dancers.
    Word has it, she speaks in riddles to those who gain her favour.


    Selenophilia Orenda

    Challenge: rock paper scissors

    The bartender with the rhythm in her heart and body.Selen used to work as a dancer in quite some venues already before, but as she once helped out as a bartender to cover up for a colleague, she found some relaxing peace in mixing drinks and talking to people at the bar.
    She still loves to dance and when she is not serving a customer you might see her dance behind the bar.

    Celestine Hetzer

    Challenge: A tasty guess

    Abandoned during the Doman occupation, she had to make due on her own.
    While she tried to help her people with all means, she gained a proficiency in the arts of alchemy. With salves, tinctures and poisons she helped to defend her home. Her hunger for knowledge finally lead her onto the far corners of Eorzea.
    During her travels she met a medicus she learned to adore and look up to. Inspired by her trade, Celestine exchanged her weapons for flasks, she educated herself further on the arts of alchemy and culinary, which she became fond of.
    She started to travel Eorzea for means to make ends meet and became a proficient bartender, in the course of time landing a job at Magical Nights.
    As a former medicus, her knowledge of ingredients, their effects and the usage of aether allows her to create unique and thrilling drinks which can also be accompanied by some of her own culinary creations.

    Melony Misquine

    Challenge: Dice n' drink

    Raised in Kugane as a poor orphan, Mel became a quite and polite person who is trying to fit in. As a young adult, she sailed together with her smaller sister over to Eozea to find new adventures and lost herself in the nightlife.
    Soon she found her passion for mixing drinks and a completely different side of herself when she first tried working at a bar. She worked in different venues before but as soon as she entered the Magical Nights, she didn't want to leave it anymore.

    Ikihiro Kanemitsu

    Challenge: Dice n' drink

    Ikihiro, as a Veena, comes from the deep and snowy forest surrounding the Skatay Range. However, due to unforeseen and complicated circumstances, he had to flee from his home tribe, and thus settled in Kugane.
    Willing to redeem himself for his past, he started taking diverse job offers in order to help others, until he learned about venues. Here, he found joy in listening to people's stories while offering them a bit of comfort in drinks of various aspects and origins, and as he desired to improve his skills and services, he applied to Magical Nights.


    Kanda Yozo


    Amaya Naorij

    Challenge: Truth or Dare

    Amaya is a dark haired miqo with aquamarine eyes and fair skin.
    Tall for a miqote, you can see in her eyes she's no stranger to danger.
    She's persistent, never gives up and is loyal to her companion. She might come across as tame, but don't let that seductive smile fool you unless you want to be in for a rude awakening.


    Elair & Grinnsira

    Challenge: Night is Right

    "The Night comes... and with it, all its pleasures.""

    Sexuality: Pansexual & Bisexual
    Preference: Sub/Switch (Both)
    Elair & Grinnsira are open for solo booking as well

    Born and raised in Kugane and being the happy Viera of a wealthy family, Grinnsira admires the beauty of the night and the moon, just like her name. Her life with her childhood sweetheart Elair, begins at Kugane Tower. While Grinnsira devoted her training completely to healing and helping people, Elair sharpened her sword to overcome any obstacle that might come their way. Now they want to feel more of the passion that the night offers them as they rush from adventure to adventure in the lands of Eorzea.The stories of diving into Magical Nights begin with Elair wanting to prepare a surprise for Grinnsira. The size and ruined texture of the abandoned factory arouse the passion for adventure in the duo. However, they run into trouble as they try to obtain the hidden gem with sneaky ways. This excitement awakens their passion for nightlife and they decide to devote themselves to the adventurers who come to the factory.

    Doxxy Sweetheart

    Challenge: Trick or Treat

    Sexuality: Heteroflexible
    Preference: Sub / Switch

    Yumi Hara was born on the vast and endless plains of the Azim Steppe, a home to countless roaming tribes. As the beautiful daughter conceived through an act of forbidden love, she was subsequently renounced by her tribe and left for the bustling port town of Kugane where she took on the moniker of Doxxy Sweetheart. Here she was taught the delicate art of seduction as she would entertain the rich, powerful and noble in one of the many dens of pleasure.Eventually she pursued her career as a courtesan in the realm of Eorzea, and was soon offered a dancer's position at Magical Nights. Here you will find her indulging in the deepest desires of a client, melting the heart of even the most hardened adventurer as she whispers sweet nothings in their ear... or as she digs her sharp nails into their skin.

    N'ayla Nupi

    "Sleepy innocent kitten during the day... A tameable tiger during the night.. "

    Sexuality: Pansexual & Bisexual
    Preference: Switch (Both)
    Kinks: Pleaser
    (Anything you desire: don't hold back)

    Nupi was left abandoned by her previous master on the streets of Limsa.Stripped for every coin or spare cloths that she ever had owned.
    For many days and long rainy nights she was walking the streets, in a desperate seeking to find her a new place to finally call home.
    She almost gave up upon the dream, then suddenly a humble by-passer, offered her food and a couch to sleep on, within the safety and protection within the factory walls...
    Where she now seeks to fulfil any visitors deepest desires and wishes, with only one thing on her mind; To give you an unforgettable night...

    Onyx Kha

    Challenge: Higher / Lower

    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Preference :Switch - Dom lean
    keeps hitting people with wooden sticks

    Onyx found herself as a tourist for this abandoned factory, but was soon given an opportunity to dance at the newly transformed club! Known well for her dances she composes herself, she's eager to show you what she's made of. Whether it be companionship you seek, or something more, Onyx will be sure to make your night unforgettable. Let her warm eyes captivate you and her dance moves transfix you into a magical experience to blow your night away.

    Rosen Hue

    Challenge: Truth & Lies

    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Preference : Submissive

    Rosen is a blossom haired Viera with violet eyes and plush curves. Born and raised in Kugane, under the ownership of one of its many houses of ill-repute, she has been trained her whole life to entertain and satisfy all of her client’s needs. A courtesan and experienced dancer, let her bring a smile to your lips, and help make your night one you’ll not soon forget.

    Noah Benett

    Challenge: Pickpocketing

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Preference : Dom & Vanilla

    "It's ironic, isn't it? For a chronicler to write his own story."Raised at Camp Bronze Lake, Noah had a quiet, peaceful life without any disturbances, but also without memories about his first six years.
    At the age of eighteen, he decided to go on his first vacation alone, as he was unknowingly pulled into a long adventure full of joy and sorrow ahead of him.
    And more importantly... a journey to unravel the mysteries of his past. While he traveled through the world, he joined forces with a guild as their bookmaker and chronicler.
    Now, at the end of his road, he found out the truth about his origins. With his head full of thoughts, he wandered around the lavender beds one fateful day, as he found an old factory. Curious as he was, he entered the building and was instantly bewitched by the magic in the air of said place.
    While meeting more and more new people, he eventually decided to settle down after his long journey and instead started to work in the formerly abandoned building, now brimming with life once more.

    Resident DJ

    Baka Hetzer was a starving minstrel until an Auri woman took him under her wing. Baka grew up alone, wandering through every nook and cranny to share his thoughts and emotions through music. Though not one for many words, his clumsy expressions suffice to get his mind across. His love for the arts is monumental in his craft - making music. What his words may not convey he does so by the melodies coming from his tools of trade. After observing citizen in Gridania and following them for his inner hunger to spread love through his craft, he found his way into Magical Nights.

    Magical Nights takes place in an abandoned factory, a lost place which has been forsaken for ages. An old company has been producing dwarven mythril and went bankrupt recently after many unsuccessful business years. They left the building behind and the factory itself got popular among tourists looking for adventure. Magical Nights wanted to turn this place into a big party area. And we did exactly that, by clearing and restoring most of the rooms. There are still some obstructed ones, but rest assured, that we're working on gaining access to them. Today this secret gem only gets visited by insiders and people longing for an outstanding experience.Magical Nights is a venue idea, brought to life by a group of friends around a year ago. Today, Magical Nights stands for PARTY, community, the best drinks and good music to enjoy your evening to the fullest. No matter if you're looking for company or just want to hang around for a couple of drinks, Magical Nights is the right place for you!

    You're looking for an experienced companion? Maybe one of our dancers can help you out to make your night truly magical. They'll show you all the hidden areas this venue provides and maybe just maybe you'll explore something completely new, something you will remember for a long time.

    Magical Nights has a long history in making others nights as special as it gets. We're providing a couple of services you can order when you visit us. Whatever it is you may be longing for, it's up to you what the evening may have in store. Our staff provides the best immersive RP experience possible to suit your desires.

    • Private Dance: 150k for 30 Minutes

    • Private Entertaiment: 250k for 30 Minutes (60 Minutes minimum)

    • Photographer: 1 Hour 500k or 3 Shots 100k each

    Dancers can decline services so make sure the dancer you want to book is open to whatever you want to order. If you want to make an order just ask them or our receptionist at the entrance.

    Private Entertainment!Looking for a spicy experience? Fulfill all your desires and make your dreams come true.NSFW / ERP included

    Private Dance!Need a little attention ? Treat yourself and let one of our talented dancers give you what you truly deserve.SFW / RP Only

    Photographer for Hire!No matter if it's for yourself to remember a great evening or as a gift for a friend. Our talented Photographer can take the screenshot you always wanted to have.

    Turn your night into something truly special and order our limited VIP service for yourself. Enter the venue quicker and be granted access to the VIP queue for the duration of the whole evening as much as you want to. VIP service includes a complimentary drink at the bar, some goodies if you enter the venue and a private photo for you and your friends (one picture).

    • Access to our VIP area (+1)

    • Private Photoshoot (Only available until all slots are filled)

    • 3 Dwarven Mythril Ingots (Venue Currency)

    • Free drinks during the event

    • VIP Game with more rewards

    VIP SERVICE COSTS 250.000 gil EACH EVENING and can be purchased at the entrance/Security.If you are a Nitro Booster on our Discord server, the VIP status is free for you.

    Please follow these rules to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone:

    • Be respectful

    • Please walk slowly (RP-walk)

    • Every service or drink offered does require actual Gil as payment.

    • Yell and shout chats are reserved for our staff. Please keep that in mind.

    • Using skills and spells inside our venue is not allowed.

    • Please dismiss all pets and hide your weapon before entering our venue.

    • Please keep the public chat SFW and in english.

    • We won't condone lalafell ERP or ERP including minors.

    Entering our venue involves accepting the rules and the possibility, that someone could take pictures of your character.

    Here at Magical Nights, every staff member prepared a personal challenge for you, our guests. By winning these challenges, you will receive Dwarven Mythril Ingots - our venue currency, which can be exchanged for prizes during our events.
    How to challenge our staff:

    • Look for a member of staff (materia melding or LFG icon)

    • Have a great time and enjoy your challenge

    • Ask them about their personal challenge

    • (rules can be explained, if necessary)

    • Collect your reward after beating them

    You can take a look at our staff list to get an overview of the different challenges or check the currency site for more information about rules and prizes.